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Name that dinosaur

Lydia’s best kept secret

I’ll give you a hint. She needs to be nerfed



Was I right?
No, draco!

Just need to google most OP dinosaur Alive

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Of course…

Name this dinosaur!
The first letter is a B, and the last one is an x.
He is super fast and does too much damage, and he always is too fast to post on newly created threads.

So… Should I level my apato to 30???


The new Dracorat.

Well, easy

How did you guess?!
Are you hacking!?

If everyone had level 30 apatosaurus they would probably buff it even more and there would be no need for uniques.

Your profile name gave it away… Obviously

Is that triceratops🤔

Everyone says RNG dictates who wins. Apatosaurus moveset is not RNG based at all #themoreyouknow

guess this one :smiley:
It’s got this move called swap-in shattering rampage.

Wouldnt even phase Apatosaurus which has 7000+ health.

Plus the Pinning Strike! Dracoceratops can check into Hotel California but IT CAN NEVER LEAVE!


Why are you so pissed with poor apatosaurus?

Because OP and ruining the arena. Lydia thinks its a joke

Op how? It can be distracted, bleed, stunned. It’s not immune, no distracting move, no shield, no armour, no sia, lowest speed, no armour/shield shattering attack, no counter attack :thinking: if you’re talking about hp then I’m not sure if it falls in OP category. Isn’t it good to see a different dino in arena rather then seeing same 5-6 uniques?

OP is kidding around my dude, they have been saying this same thing on many other threads.