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Name your dinos

Add please possibility to name (nickname) your dinos. game can ask in hatchery during hatching (after incubation finish.) (or evolution, fuse) Ofcourse in paddock could be dino renamed in every time. (ofcourse because, we should want to name already hatched dinos)

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It would be awesome if I could summon them as Jennifer and Titanium (Gen 2 T-Rex and Gen 1 Indominus respectively)

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I would name my T Rex as The-Flex . Honestly, Nicknaming Indominus Rex would be a shame,it already has such a cool name,I would name something Titanium that is really amazing but has a horrid name ,say for example Priotrodon

My T rex is named Bob.

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Nah, you’d have to name your T-Rexes:
Egbert, Yoko and Shelly

(That is what Sid names the 3 eggs in Ice Age Dawn of the Dinos before the 3 T-Rexes hatched.)

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Indoraptor- Dusk
Indoraptor Gen 2- Skye
Indominus- Indy
Trex- Fan Service
Raptor- Midget with a knife
Trike- Cera
Apatosaurus- Littlefoot

T-Rex - Rexy

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T Rex- The Flex
Indominus Rex-Insomnia
Spinosaurus-Spine Ache
Velociraptor- A Flaw in the Claw
Ceratosaurus-Cringe Lizard


Idk why, but I call Ankylosaurus Dank ANK and Ankylodocus Dank Boi

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Your username says it all.

I also call Euplocephalus a mistake to all dinosaurs

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Velociraptor - Raptor
Velociraptor 2 - Delta
Nodosaurus - Spike
Yutyrannus - Frost
Dracorex -Draco/Drake
Stygimoloch - Stygi
Arcodus - Arty
Mastodosaurus - Frog
Caroraptor - Blaze
Proterogyrinus - Henry
Ttitanoboa - Venom
Smilodon - Diego
Mossasaurus - Blueskull
Ummonsaurus - Moon
Hainosaurus - Hyde
Liopleurodon - Bryan
Dunkleosaurus - Skull
Orthacanthus - Rainbow
Hyenodon - Lycan
Allosaurus - Fake/Bad one/Glitch/Big disappointment - as he is my top fav. dino
Monolophosaurus - Sapphire
Apatosaurus - Littlefoot
Mammoth - Manny
Allonogmius - All/Allo/Allosaurus more like
Ostaposaurus - Marcus
Metriaphodon - Strange
Indominus - Crush/The Red king
Indomimus 2 - Khan
Indoraptor - Black
Indoraptor 2 - Lucky.
Thats all i have for now

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“Frog” was first thing that came to mind when i saw a Mastodonsaurus first time :smiley:

idk why my crazy brain created that :joy:

I read t somewhere in a comment section,sorry for not confirming.

Mosasaurus: Mosy boI
Liopleurodon: Leo boi
Brontotherium: Grunt
Hauffiosaurus: Half boi
Kelenken: Kenny
Indominus Rex Gen 1 and 2: Indo 1 and Indo 2
Yudon: Blue Turkey
Erilophosaurus: Rainbow boi
Tuojiangosaurus: Reserve shield
Triceratops: Trike
Carnotaurus: Devil boi
Einiosaurus: Hook
Apatosaurus: Meat shield
Ceratosaurus: Carnivore Meat Shield
Kaprosuchus: Amphibian Meat Shield
Velociraptor: Velocity Strike
Ankylosaurus: ANK Boi
Ankylodocus: Dank Boi
Dimorphodon: Dimmy
Eudimorphodon: European Dimorphodon
T. Rex: Overated
Dsungaripterus: Banana boi
Therizinosaurus: Banana fingers
Smilodon: Banana teeth
Carnoraptor: small Carno
Spinosaurus: Spine boi
Metriacanthosaurus: 666 boi
Zalmoxes: Extreme glass cannon
Postosuchus: postman
Alanqa: Alan boi
Alangasaurus: cheese head
Eryops: derp
Thylacosmilus: teeth holder
Glyptodont: pig in armor
Doedicurus: bad Glyptodont
Indricotherium: Rhino giraffe
Urtinotherium: urchin
Aerotitan: Mr 2 shot
Quetzalcoatlus: Coat boi
Andrewsarchus: Andrew
Arctodus: Silver Bear
Pliosaurus: Purple Madness
Titanoboa: Glitchtrap
Secodontosaurus: weird Dimetrodon
Dimetrodon: Dime boi
Tylosaurus: Tyler
Megarchelon: Big Boi
Gorgosaurus: Gorge
Dinotherium: Used to be good elephant ;-;
Prionosuchus: Prion
Microposaurus: Micro boi
Metaposaurus: Mega Derp
Stygimoloch: dome boi
Pachycephalosaurus: Dome Shell
Pachyceratops: shell head
Protostega: stego popcorn
Deinochierus: Daylight
Orthocanthus: Feeesh
Giant Orthocone: Cone Tube
Ammonite: OG Shell boi
Tanycolagreus: Cola boi
Pachyrhinosaurus: thick boi
Suprannotitan: Thigh high
Metrialong: shark raptor
Archelon: Dave
Tapejara: Tape Jar
Nodosaurus: ANK with a brim
Umoonasaurus: Water Zhejiangopterus
Zhejiangopterus: red crest
Darwinopterus: Darwy
Ostafrickasaurus: Frick boi
Unaysaurus: weird boi
Dunkleosteus: Dunkie boi

I am happy that Ostafrikasaurus and Microposaurus Hybrid is Ostaposaurus and not Microfrikasaurus. That would be ridiculous .

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T Rex as over rated? It really is not. Spinosaurus is extremely overrated, it was only the most massive Dino in size, it was mainly aquatic and only came to land for breeding and switching rivers. Spinosaurus was slower,less intelligent and had worse eyesight and a lower bite force than T Rexes,so the size is useless ,plus it’s massive spine was a weakness.

Giga and Carchar still my fav.

I think T.rex is where he should be. Its star Jurrassic movies, so he is normal legendary and early avaible with best normal legendary creatures stats. But Spino is also star 3rd movie, he should be also normal legendary with same good stats as T.Rex had or a little better