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Hello I Think this isnt new but I couldnt find anything similar. Can we Please rename freely and choose our own Name? I mean the random names are neither names or even words, at least in german.

I made my own name in game when I startes

@Einarson are you referring to your account name or something else in particular?

I am Talking about my Account Name. It is “ZackigTrainer” and I cant Type in Letters or anything when I try to Change it. Tried only once yet becsuse its restricted to 3 trys.

@Ned, can you take a look at this?

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Hey Einarson, could you try force closing and rebooting your device and then try changing your name again? If you’re still not able to type in any letters into the name box, tap on the “X” button under the “Submit” button and it shouldn’t use up any of your 3 tries. Also, if you reach out to our support team here at with your support key, they can take a closer look to see what the issue could be.

I restarten my Device nothing changed.

@Marcus i cant chance my name. I can re-roll it for a new name but i cant make My own

@Einarson im having the same issue