Named dino in match?


I was battling someone in the Fallen Arena and one of their dinos was named Charlie. It looked like a velociraptor, but I could have confused it for a different one. Is this a current game mechanic?


No, there’s actually an individual (Rare) Velociraptor named Charlie which you could get in last week’s event.


Charlie is one of the raptors from the movie, along with Blue, Delta, and Echo. As of now, you still cannot name your dinosaurs, however you can obtain named Dinos.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:



The Raptor Squad from the movie Jurassic World were added. They are Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Not sure when they’ll have the event again, but those are the only ones with names in the game. Each one also has their own abilities, which fits how they functioned in the movie.