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Named Rooms


I think that the named rooms are great and it’s a good method to get a few extra cards. The fact that they stay after generation so that you can get the right character to them is also great. The issue I am having with them is that currently I have 3 dead rooms; One is for Level 11 Cleric, I’m 10K away from Level 10, so I won’t be opening that room for about 2 months, the other two rooms I have are for the Thief who is 5K away from Level 9, and the rooms that are sitting there are level 10 and 11 for her. Again I’m not going into these rooms for at least two months, perhaps longer.

I would really like to see these rooms reset when the challenge rewards reset so that I at least have a chance to open a named room every couple days. It really would be nice if they didn’t generate past my current characters level as well.


Well, it used to make sense that they were either at or slightly above your character level, when it used to take about a week or so to lvl up, but for sure it doesn’t make sense anymore…