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Naming Dinos?

I dunno about you, but I would love to be able to give my Dinos names. Think it would be funny if you sent out a trex named fluffy, or something like that lol.
Personally, I’d name my velociraptor cuddles, cause he gives the best hugs.


Tarby O’Gill. He’s green, very lucky, and virtually every thing else is “little people” to him!

(I’m not the only one here that saw that movie, am I?)

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We should be able to name our Dinosaurs. In PG you can give your Pokémon a name. I think we should be able to do that to our dinosaurs!


This would be a nice feature that shouldn’t take them too much effort to implement. Gets my vote!

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I recommend this app everywhere I go, for someone shamefully out of the loop with the pokemon franchise, as well as a huge lover of dinosaurs, this game was a godsend, it’s so addictive and interactive, but there’s just one problem - I don’t feel as connected as I could, and I’m sure a lot of people would agree, the one feature this game is missing is the ability to name our teams and our dinosaurs - not only will it keep me and others invested in the game for longer, but it’ll also make for a more customizable and unique experience. I’d kill to name my team, and even better, I’d be waaaaaaaaay more willing to invest time in collecting dinos if I knew I could NAME them!

Thanks for reading and creating the game! :slight_smile:

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I so want to name my dinos! I already came up with ridiculous names for all of the ones ove used in my team. Lol

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I think it would be cool to name your Dino while still having the species name on the bottom. Like


11 Tyrannosaurus Rex

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I’ve always named dinos that were on my team. Many have come and gone, and I still have the pics from all of them. Would LOVE to be able to make it official.

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Blue: JetBlue
Delta: Delta airlines

Just a thought I had for naming those, although we probably will be unable to


I want this feature.

I’ve come up with about 8 names so far. Isn’t it funny how we’re bonding with them?:joy:

I have a sick sense of humor. My velociraptor is named Alexis, after Lex Murphy because she is a “clever girl”. :joy:


Weird? Yes.

Alone? Definitely not!

Besides, weird people are the most fun to hang out with =D

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T’would be good if you could actually rename/nickname your own creatures (even if it’s not visible to opponents)

But no, to answer your question, I don’t. :wink: But good for you tho.

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I want to be able to name my dinos, too!

(If they do implement a feature like this, I wonder how many Carnotaurus’ will suddenly become ‘TOAST’…)


I want the same… I’m a huge Kaiju fan and would love to name my turtle the different stages of Gamera :heart:

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