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Naomlen’s Silverhand Daggers (sneak peek)

I’ve had the daggers proc twice against random monsters that survived the hit, but it shows no Debuffs on them after the attack, so I don’t really know how SLOW is supposed to work.

@MisterCinephile I haven’t tried mine yet. From what I’m told, the enemy loses his initiative, turn. That’s puts him at the end of the line.

I’ll have to try it again and watch for that.

Not a perfect example, but I did see how it works, finally. Pretty interesting concept, very dependent on where Naomlen is in the initiative cycle and if it procs. Will have to see what it does at later levels.

Yea it looks like when I have done it also it removes 1 bar from initiative not sure how it would work in 1v1 pvp

Probably not at all. It would be way too powerful if it skipped turns.

Makes sense. If it skipped a turn it would be like a one turn stun with no immunity.

So, if it’s 1v2 and she hits the character whose turn is next and it procs, does she get essentially two attacks in a row? Then, if it procd twice in a row, she would get a total of three attacks in a row.?

I just see it not worth using it does less damage than the epic daggers and the special ability at levels 1and 2 are lame

Well silverhand weapons seem to work on a similar basis to legendary items, if their effects are not straight up better at face value, they tend to fall behind some other epic/rare/common items until they get to levels 3/4 at which point their effects usually get better, and they tend to be worth it for raw stats as well

You seriously guys collect these ugly useless weapons?
You let Ludia take advantage of you, further diluting your Lego items chances?

This is how far I go with this ridiculous weapon

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Tommus’ Axe and Shevarith’s Dagger are great in Raids.
Most of the other ones are less than okay but fun to try out.
Just because you can’t find a use for them doesn’t mean other players can’t enjoy them.

I was referring to Naomlen’s new SH Blades

It is far easier and quicker to improve the few useful SH items if you do not bloat your SH pool with the unfavorable ones. Naomlen’s SH blades can easily be categorized as unfavorable as she has other weapons which can be used to greater effect.