At low levels, I was not a fan of the rogue. A complete liability. Once you get some gear and levels, Naomlen is a beast especially in Arena, particularly once one acquires the rogue epic weapon.

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I HATE Naomlen in the arena. That triple/quad hit she does is such a pain. I’ve started targeting her first over healers and spellcasters because she can wipe out a party in arena so fast.

Glad she’s good for something. I regret taking her before warlock in PvE because I find range so important there

This hood can be unreal in Arena when it procs, very situational though as you need to be stealthy. image

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Yeah that seems to be broken.

Pretty low in Arena (started gaining only when the roster was introduced since I have a low level bard that is practically useless), but I’ve still lost to 6th level Rogues that at times one-shot characters 2 levels higher. It’s pretty broken in PvP, I doubt PvE is as good (I got my Namolen as soon as I could after losing to her so much, but she’s still far too low for me to use her in PvE)

I’m in love with her too! She is the truly DPS! No one needs to hit, only protect her and she does the job! :smiley:

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Dominate her and watch her destroy her own party.