Naomlen's subtle blades feinting strikes (disarm) can miss

My weapon is level 7, it has a 50% chance to proc disarm.

First time ever seeing this. While in harvestshield mountain, I proc’d the disarm against a ghoul. The animation plays for 3 hits… and the final hit is supposed to be a disarm. It missed.

Mores specifically, the game’s crappy rolls that I have been complaining about for months made me miss my first strike, hit the second and third strike, and for some reason registers the final hit to roll a final time but I missed and so I didn’t get my disarm off. Yes my rogue died afterwards because I missed this crucial proc.

Sigh… must be a bug in coding, come on guys. This is solo play, NOT BATTLE MODE.

Hey Sigma, I read your post but I am uncertain about one comment.

I am not sure how a player knows if the hit is ‘supposed to be disarm’. My Subtle blades have a 50% chance, with no comment about certainty based on any particular strike. I often experience similar results but have always assumed the weapon is working as intended.

Yup, I interpret this as WAI. At weapon Level 7, you have a 50% chance at inflicting extra damage, and making a 4th attack to disarm the opponent. That 4th attack then has a chance to miss, just like all the others.

Fun fact: all of the attacks used to use the same to-hit result, meaning that they either all hit, or all missed. I prefer this version :slight_smile:

All procced abilities tied to basic attacks have a chance of missing if they impose a debuff.

Naomlen’s epic blades are kind of a special case because it’s a conditional modifier on the target attached to multiple attacks.

When the conditional modifier is imposed by a single attack, the procced ability attaches if there’s a hit. When the procced ability is instantaneous (like life drain), it also is also determined by whether the attack hits, although it can be paired with multi-hits. If the conditional modifier is a buff to friendly characters, it does not require a hit (e.g. epic warrior and cleric weapons).

Because attaching status imposing with multi attacks with each strike would potentially be unbalanced, the developers must have compromised by adding an extra “attack” that causes no damage but imposes the status upon a hit.

So under this framework, i.e. buffs don’t require hits, debuff require hits, I think that how Naomlen’s epic works is fair.

To investigate: how is the Barbarian’s disarm processed with fury.