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Nasuto anyone?

Is nasuto out? Has anyone seen It yet?

Yeah 5 actually :slight_smile: Kinda spammed by it in my area.


I haven’t see Allo, or Nasuto other than in sanctuaries.

Thanx! Just about to use my scent haha

2 so far!!

One here !

Nasuto is the hybrid pursuit this week so it should spawn in the wild.

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Ok. Time to nasuto Run to find some!


Nice :laughing:

Anyone get one from a scent?

Got one in the car park as I left work this evening. Here’s hoping she keeps appearing!

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I got about 3 using a rare scent


got one. seen 2


I’ll try and use a rare scent to see if I get some

I’ve gotten several now from rare scents. Thanks all.

I got 4 from 1x rare scent


Got a whopping 1 so far

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It was a disappointing week. When Carbo was out, I found one in range on the first day and another one next day when I was in the train and it was like 130m away.
Since then, I didn‘t see any Carbo. I drove and walked so many kilometres and wasted my epic scents for nothing.

Today, I was trying to find Nasuto. No sign yet.

It‘s kinda sad that I started fusing Smilonemys but am unable to get the legendary cuz Nasuto is lvl 9. :joy::joy::joy:

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Damn, you sure are unlucky :joy:

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It seems it’s trying to hide as hard as the :turtle:

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