Nasuto in the wild

So found this guy yesterday on way home from work. Were u gonna tell us ludia that u fixed it or what? Also pretty sure its in zone 2 or 4. Was in a moving car so couldn’t look what else was around. Anyone else see any yet and can confirm zone?

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Hey nerfousmaximus, Eugene had updated the 2.12 Known Issues thread regarding Nasutoceratops spawning.

More information can be found here:


Local 2 Day/Dawn/Dusk is confirmed


Thx both of u :grin:

a Nasutoceratops in 48 hours in the wild, is it still an event? or is Ludia teasing us?

Not an event, Ludia has remove it from being exclusive.

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I already knew, if I left it as an event dino it would be better, you get more DNA

I don’t know why they take it out if later it is programmed so that they do not appear, every time it gives more … . the game

I also just found one

Not seen any. Even when I was in a different zone for my quiz night.