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Nasutoceratops Always Pays Cash

Only logical reason why it wasn’t in our chargers scent. Am I right?
But seriously, why is this the case? Other exclusives such as Scolosaurus are in scents, why is Nasutoceratops not?

Unless I’m mistaken, the charger scent has existed since before Nasutoceratops did, and they were just too lazy or didn’t want to put it in. I wish they would add it though

Yeah they should add it. It probably would convince more people to buy those scents too.

I wish we could use hard cash to buy those incubators. Whatever the equivalent is. The nasutoceratops and allo gen 2 ones.

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Well, I’m happy for you. But for those of us who live in real-life, the Nasutoceratops spawns were very sparse. It also doesn’t help the case that where I live, it’s become freezing or below. I’ve ground in sanctuaries and participated in both events and my Nasuto is at level 15 with Carbotoceratops 40 DNA into level 16. So please enlighten us to your success. Public Transport, Uber, Purchases, Spoofing or a combination of the four?

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I think, if I am remembering right, that they said Nasutoceratops and Allosaurus G2 were event only dinosaurs for now.

Super jealous lol. I just got the legendary to level 19. I want to get it to 20 then get ready for a hybrid but I need more nasutoceratops. Probably need more turtle too. I got the unique armored kitty unlocked but figured the legendary is more of a focal point considering it probably will evolve. Looks like you’re ready.

I couldn’t do any hunting over the weekend, so my dna count stalled.