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Nasutoceratops please

I’ve heard so many complaint about people missing this Dino! Let’s start this forum on the hopes more people join in my request for another attempt at this awesome animal! Battle at Big Rock will have such an impact on this next movie. We need another chance to stock up on this addition :slight_smile:


It’ll never appear in the wild I don’t think. I hope though that we’ll see it and Allosaurus G2 as dinosaurs of the day at some point. It would be a bit harsh to withhold them altogether.


True, I didn’t think they’d appear in the wild anytime soon. That does kind of blow, but I’m fine even paying for it if given the option. I’m already spending wayyyy to much but a little more wouldn’t hurt. lol.

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It should have been in Stunning week instead of Einias, which literally nobody wants or needs.