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Nayeli quest pack

Bummer that there is no way to complete quest in time for Wednesday’s Moment of Glory :confused:

I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to get enough points to complete the Quest by the Moment of Glory date. Even if you had a three of saved 25-point quests, all completed and ready to collect, you’d still not be able to then get another three 25-point quests in the time period between gaining the Quest and the Moment of Glory, let alone completing all three in that time.

Yet another example of either incredibly poorly thought out design, or deliberate engineering to get people to buy content. And the more I see of either, the less inclined I am to ever pay anything for any content in this game.

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Never pay for anything in this game or others that is not a legitimate, old school expansion pack.

Lots of people already bought the character and will participate in the Moment of Glory tomorrow.

When in doubt just assume anything done in this game was to encourage purchases. You will usually be right.

I’ve never seen such agitation over such an obviously bad and forgettable character.

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I don’t personally care about the character as much as the fact that just leveling her to 12, which won’t be overly difficult, will increase my renown twice and get me two new packs


Honestly quest points need to be revamped. It takes nearly 30 days for me to complete the worthwhile dungeon master pack which comes at hefty cost of 500 points to complete.