Near me


It’s hard for me to go outside and get dinosaurs and play too so I would like to see if can have something near me


Hey Santa_Navarro, thanks for writing in. Our team is always looking for ways to try and make the game more inclusive to our players, reach out to them at with your support key and location information and they’ll see what they can do.


So I’ve had the same problem, and I was wondering, how specific does the location information have to be?


It rains a lot in my area :joy:


They are near me… but only when I’m at home and settled in for the night, they are just out of range… pushing VIP extended battery are we? (that one with 3 rares is a Private Drive… curses!)

Or while I’m sitting at work and can’t walk around. And when it becomes lunch time and I head out… they are gone.

Kind of frustrating.


if you can, contact the private drive owners. I have that situation often in my mobile home park…i just explained to those neighbors what I do, and they all, without exception, said sure, I see something I need, come get it.

with those rares, is worth a shot, right?


3 rares popped up in that Private drive again this morning, I pulled into the entrance to the drive, darted 2 (couldn’t reach the 3rd), then backed out, quick and easy and seemed like a lost person just turning around.
I didn’t see any cameras, but there was a posted sign saying Private Drive: No Trespassing, Violators will be prosecuted. So I only pull in enough to be out of the road, dart, then back out.

It is what it is. I just don’t want to do it at night, it seems more suspicious.