Nearly 30 mails, no answers, no nothing

And always same empty responses. At the beginning everything was kind of good.

First time I wrote (1 year ago): game made impossible to battle a strike tower. They decided to compensate with coins and epic incubator. Really thanked it

Next time: after issues with battles, disconnections another email sent… No response. No answer

Next: I claimed a refund due to issues problems battling, lags, losing without even star… Restart app without reasons… No refund but after 5 mails talking to someone called Mark. I received 1 Prime Incubator 2 epic incubators, 250.000 coons. And 5000 cash.

Ok not bad… It seems they kind of listen… But apart from these compensation no answer to bugs, errors, glitches…

Next time I write… And write and write. And still the same empty answers.

I asked for boost reset on my account because I didn’t want to use them more. Not possible.

Asking for balance in arena.
Asking to give usefulness for Tournamoloch.
Asking for Qetzorion Shield+stepaside receiving damage.
Asking for many things… Result?? We’ll do our best.

I was one a user that valued the original game, mechanics, meta, PVP, dino darting and variety of dinos.

I was a casual player who valued these things… Things we’ve lost. And as I think good work deserves kind of “payment” I decided to spend on several incubators, VIP and some cash.

What I paid was for the original game. I understand evolution is needed, updates are required and new features are also important… But please, stop this abuse. Stop lying to us.

I was one of those who complained of RNG but reading the forum I understood RNG was not the problem. The problem was the evassive abuse on a 50% chance. All we needed was more nullifiers…

You do a really good work on original meta, dino stats and abilities… A really good job in which every dino had a chance, an opportunity to do its job.

Breaking this has completely destroyed the essence of the game.

Thanks… Ludia… Thanks…

Maybe I am a strange person and completely wrong but… It’s only my humble opinion


I haven’t even tried to contact Ludia seperately. If they won’t listen to a whole playerbase then why would they listen to one person? Unless there’s money involved of course.

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@Jason please can you tell me what have you edited?

The post was moved to general discussion. Nothing in the post was edited.

I will continue sending them mails and messages… Here and frommy mail.

It is like you pay for a service and service the first year is Ok… But second year it starts to be useless…

F2P also deserve a response. They have paid Ludia by watching ads, completing tapjoy offers. F2P must claim. Both here and in your other post.

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Ok thanks. It appeared the edit without reason.