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Nearly 3rd year anniverary


So… we are hitting the 3rd year anniversary of the game sometime around now. Do you think we’ll see any kind of special event for the birthday? And what sort of thing would you like to see if we do get something?


Idk update 3.0 maybe

It would be very cool when on 3rd anniversary Ludia delete boosts


when is JWA’s anniversary exactly?

I think yesterday was the original Canadian roll out date but I don’t think it hit worldwide until end of the month.

last year they said something about it at the end of may. :thinking:


Thanks. Mystery solved.

14th March was definitely initial Canada and somewhere else release but that was all I could find with Google.

i just looked at the app in the play store. May 29th 2018


I didn’t think to loom on the store. Thanks.

What do you think we might get?

Camp Cretaceous season three tie in maybe. Its releasing around that time.
Something equally as big as 2.0 could happen as well.


Camp C tie in would be nice. Especially if E750/Scorpius Rex came to the game as well.


I thought it would be creatures released between 2nd anniversary and 3rd anniversary though, since that’s how they did last time.

I would love to see some major changes to tournaments. Kinda stale right now for longer term players.

Scorpius Rex and Bumpy for sure


Ain’t that the truth @TorontoRaptor
The tourneys are so boring it’s past a joke now.
The rewards are getting to be a waste of time too, although Monolorhino is ok.

How about having alliance battles?
Up to 4 players vs 4 players?
Or 2 vs 2?

Or battles vs raid bosses but they have different move sets, random if you like?

There will always be limits as to a skill or advantage tourney, which have now become so stale, so mixing it up might be fun.


For sure a big update. There are no uniques for the next championship so surely the update will drop the week this AC ends and before the new championship starts. I guess that Tuesday.

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i have a feeling there’s going to be relatively 2 big updates in the early part of this year. they promised some balancing, it’s their 3rd year anniversary, and Camp Cretaceous season 3 will be out. I’m curious as to what’s coming.


Unless they’re gonna break tradition with the exclusive rule that’s been in place since 2.0, notes, notes should drop either this week or next, so I’m getting excited


How about for the 3 year anniversary they just fix the app and make it run well on all platforms. I love new Dinos and Raids and new achievements but for all that is sacred to all the players… just fix the app!