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Nearly 3rd year anniverary

Last year for the 2nd anniversary, they put out all creatures that were released that year. It was actually really fun!


they obviously had no plans for a 3rd anniversary event and I’m doubtful that bumby will be added and e750 will most likely not be added until after camp cretaceous season 3

Anniversary falls on st Patrick’s day event so they may likely do their anniversary next week.

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I’m doubtful about that

You may be right but last year they did. It would make sense to do something. Why do you think they won’t?


Some people in this topic are clearly ignoring or overlooking the fact people in this topic have already pointed out the fact that last years anniversary was celebrated end of May to coincide with the worldwide release.

No reason that won’t happen this year. Not sure why people are claiming they have no plans because it didn’t come out this week.


Exactly. The full worldwide release would be the actual birthday for the game.


not all games celebrate their 3rd year anniversary

17 March beta iOS for Australia and Canada
24 may Worldwide version

Considering Camp Cretaceous Season 3 releases 21st May it is highly likely events for both the anniversary and CC will coincide.

I know Ludia is a particularly bad company, but there’s nothing to suggest they won’t celebrate the 3rd year.


Please no. I manage to get all creatures Max tier and not want to get with no boost

Maybe not but I’m hoping that they do every year.

List of updates…

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Maybe for the third anniversary they could add new hybrids such as a velocitator