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Necesita un superhbrido el alangasaurio//Needs a superhybrid the alangasaurus

el alangasaurus es un dinosaurio hibrido, el primero que tenemos, pero cuando avanzamos tenemos hibridos mas poderoso, como el indominus rex, pero esto cambiaria si le damos una actualizacion, el alangarraptor, este seria igual al indorraptor pero con menos vida al nivel 10 y su color seria azul claro con manchas amarillas, al nivel 40 tendria protoplumas y trendria sus colores mas vivos y su barra de estadistica se compararia con el indorraptor gen 2 nivel 10, este variaria a los indorraptores lo cual es bueno, seria comun y al nivel 10 su estadistica seria mayor a mil, nivel 20 mayor a 3000, nivel 30 mayor a 4000 y nivel 40 6589.

Translated from Spanish

The alangasaurus is a hybrid dinosaur, the first we have, but when we move forward we have more powerful hybrids, such as the indominus rex, but this would change if we give it an update, the alangarraptor, this would be the same as the indorraptor but with less life at level 10 and Its color would be light blue with yellow spots, at level 40 it would have proto-feathers and trendria its most vivid colors and its statistic bar would be compared with the indoraptor gen 2 level 10, this would vary to the indorraptores which is good, it would be common and at the level 10 his statistics would be greater than a thousand, level 20 greater than 3000, level 30 greater than 4000 and level 40 6589.

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that is kinda broken stats for a common superhybrid

No thankyou. We need Amphibian Hybrids and S-Hybrids, not more added to the Carnivore-heavy meta…


I think OP is earlier in the game and doesn’t know the balance, or lack there of, of the end game Dinos.

I’d rather an ostaposaurus or koolasaurus shybrid

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This x1000!
Either one of them would make a great s-hybrid

Or atleast give us a more balanced tourney hybrid amphibian.

have reason is very broken, at level 40 2344 of life and 1234 of attack