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Ned, can you help? Is my game permanently banned?

last time I was banned for something I didnt do, I was locked out for 24 hours, Im getting the same kind of thing in my game right now, can you ask if Ive been temporarily banned again for whatever reason. I dont wanna lose my game because of something silly like this.

@Ned can you help

Hey there, niranjann_gandhi. Could you please reach out to our team at with your support key included in the email? Our team would be able to provide more information.


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@Ned how long will it take them to answer on average

@Ned do you also no if thy are able to repeal any bans because I dont like being banned like this for no reason, there has to be a misunderstanding

Im banned for 72 hours, and known as cheater when I havent done anything

I’m sorry to hear that happened, niranjann_gandhi. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over our support team’s decisions or procedures here on the forums.

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@moderators if any of you know this pls answer. I just got my account back, I have some questions to ask you about the mode I am in if you know the answer. It says I have do pvp against cpu, does this means I cant get trophies for my alliance needs. Also I can do tuornament happily with my alliance likes but it says I dont have a rank. So do I get participant reward after a tuorney or no reward? Those are my questions, thx very much if you know the answer. Also wanna know if this is permanent or just for a week or month or year etc.

Normally if you are caught cheating you don’t get tournament rewards - also cheaters can only play against other cheaters and your score Stays at zero on the alliance board

I should also point out that exploiting glitches (Infinite Dart Attempts, Map Drift, Pink Screen) would also count as being bannable, even on accident, and it’s easy to track past actions if there’s a reason for people to pay attention to you.

However, you should be able to repeal a ban if the exploit was an accident, and I’d be happy to provide and any knowledge of the glitches that I have (I don’t exploit them, but when I’ve run into them I log the occurrence), I’ve been tracking for a while and was actually planning on passing what I know to the mods to help patch them.

I feel like they think I was spoofing when realisticly I share my in game account with other people (that live in australia, new zealand, my sister etc) so I log off from the game and they login, get the lobby and thean log off and tell me to login. If this is a glitch @th3bub14 and I promise never to do it again, can they repeal my ban

because I hate this mode and I never cheated

do you get the reward at the end of the moth @Kristen_Jackson_Roe ?

for example the orion, gemini, skoona of just the rewards per week

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I don’t think you do but it’s best to ask ludia and explain everything to them …

In my eyes it’s just someone making the best of their situation, but I don’t know. You’ll need to take that up with Ludia