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Need 2 active players

“CrunchCrew” needs two fairly active players. Update 1.7 has drove a couple of our players away, and who can blame them. We reached level 5 for about four straight weeks. Then last week, we barely missed level 5 due to Mothers Day, and the uninspirational play after the 1.7 fiasco.

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I’m free!! Sarahsaurusrex #0729

Me and my wife are active daily. Couldn’t find an active alliance so created my own although we are the only 2 really active members besides one other. Screenshot_20190517-173013_JW%20Alive

I got Kicked after a day. Don’t join this one…



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Are you an active player? If yes and ready to join our discord then you’re more than welcome to join us “Lords of Jurassic World”. We’re planning to kick out two leeches after finding suitable replacements.

Don’t have it. OMG I need this thing… ahhh!

Download it. Very easy to use, not Rocket science :wink:

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Are you reaching rank 5? My clan just reach rank 4 since the update

Yes every time without fail and much effort.

Eh… age limits are a thing not to be messed with in my family, haha. And my dad is a safety freak… unless he has tried it out, I’m not getting it… the only age limit things I’ve broken are YT and JWA, but discord shall be mine soon!

Oh- and, thanks for the tip!

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We’re waiting for you :grin:

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Still got room for an active player?