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Need 2 players

Crunchcrew has been rebuilding, and we need 2 more players. We usually hit lvl 10/8 and we want a couple payers who participate.

Hello friend … I am interested in joining your alliance, I am a very active and sociable, cooperative player and I have a total of 4146 trophies … but my only problem is that my English is not very fluent … but I would like to know your rules if you like

I am active in discord and my username is jose0296 (# 6744) I wait for your answer … thanks

We used to have a handful of us on discord. But it sort of fell apart because no one really uses it. But we would love to have you join Crunchcrew!

Can i join i am active and my discord is mikeraptor98#9279 .I’m lv 11 I await your response i hope to be an asset not a burden

Mike raptor, find Crunchcrew on JWA and I’ll add you. We don’t really use discord much

joseelias, if you still want in let me know, and I’ll try to make room

Mieraptor, what is your name on JWA?

Thanks bro… Please can you tell me the rules of your alliance and how works the request of DNA and sanctuaries?.. I’m level 14

We are competitive, but not over the top. However, you must play regularly. You must contribute with darting, doing battles (including the tournament), and donating when possible. You don’t have to always donate, but when you can. We got rid of about 10 players in the last week and a half. They weren’t doing battles, esp tourney battles, were only playing every other day, and constantly asked for DNA without giving any. We just got a handful of newer players who are lower levels, but play a lot and have been kicking butt
If you want in I’ll make it happen, just go find Crunchcrew

Oh and no real rules for sanctuary. Its too hard to control what happens there for me, and not worth the headache. We usually build up to lvl 8 and 9

Again, needing 2 or 3 players who actually play. Meaning you Dart, Battle in arena, battle in tournament, and donate from time to time. I’m cutting a couple more who refuse to get 10 takedowns in tournament, and tend to take a few days off before playing again. We hit 10/8 again this week, but it took us longer than it should have

I am new and interested. Teach me what I need to know and I will be reliable.

hey I am no longer the leader. However the new leader is looking for good active players who play about every day. Easy, chill alliance. Not a lot of rules other than just play
Thats the name. Look em up and request. I’ll let them know you are coming

Curious are u still in that alliance or not?

No I am not in that alliance anymore. I left the alliance with a reliable player who was with me for a long time. And most the team are players I gained over the last year, so I try to keep in touch with a handful of them

sorry i vanished but its fine i found a alliance so its ok