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Need 2750 trophies to get any DNA

I just realised the arena Kelenken season is coming to an end in 4 days.

After all the battles i have played and reaching Nublar Jungle, it seems like i would be entitled to only 250 coins. The same amount which i can collect by tapping on 2 supply drops. Might as well name it “250 Coins Season For Newbies”.

I don’t think this is a fair and equitable distribution of rewards. Kelenken may not be the best creature, but if that is the creature of the month, then just give all below this mark of 2750 with some DNA. Go ahead and throw in that 250 coins as well.


I think the limit used to be 2500 i think they raised it.

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Is Keleken that precious lol, why must it be locked behind 2750 trophies? At least give a 100 dna or something, not 250 coins. That’s less than the amount of coins I get per victory in Aviary


There Will come a day when you realize just how valuable Kelenken DNA is. As with many seemingly not so important creatures, Kelenken is used to create a Terror Bird that is very useful. I have learned that all opportunities to collect any DNA, even common creatures, should be taken.


My keleken is at level 20 with 35000+ dna, so no worries about that. Maybe its hybrid will have a unique or itself will have a new unique

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I really feel needing 2750 points to get some DNA is not the right way.

You need to reward people who have battled. And who deserve some DNA for their effort. Extremely disheartening to see all the 1 month of battles equal to just 250 coins.

Not very motivating, you know, Ludia.


Imo from 500 trophies up there should be a DNA reward. Maybe not much, but any DNA amount would be better than 250 coins

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Even 100 dna will do, come on Ludia, this is plain cheap

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Just takes some patience and time. Been there, done that because unlike some $$-$$$ dependent types, I had to grind my way to the top. Though I do agree that 2750 is too high. (2000 should be reasonable imo.)

You gave to wait until 2000 trophies to start playing in tournaments, but have to get 750 more just to get season rewards? I think 2000 should be the starting point since that’s the restriction on tournaments anyways.

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Personally, I don’t think there should be a starting point to getting dna for the seasonal rewards. It should be a very small amount however, like 10 dna

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Thanks all. I think everyone agrees with the absurdity of needing 2750 trophies to get any seasonal DNA.
Ludia needs to relook this.

Anyways for your info, i am about 1000 trophies short of getting any DNA. Just reached 1776 today. American independence year :us_outlying_islands: and almost same date :grin: Great timing eh?

I don’t think i can make up the shortfall in 3 days. Sigh. Hopefully i can get something for next month’s event.