Need a common dino


I’m finding it odd that when I find myself needing velociraptors for a particular project, suddenly, at a time of night when there are usually velociraptors everywhere, there are suddenly no velociraptors to be found. It’s like the system knows that I need them and is keeping me from reaching my goal.

Can't Find Velociraptor

drove around from 9:30 to almost 11pm last night and didn’t see a single one.


Raptors have been missing for awhile now. I usually see them very often at night. Now they’re even rarer than rares.


Have actually seen 3 in the last half an hour maybe a locale thing? As in have they moved to a specific locale instead of global spawn?


Found 3 on my way home from work last night…they spawn alot in my neighborhood…do u live in a big city? Or rural area?


They are rarer than rare dinos now, it was a pest like apato now. I’m grinding for my indoraptor I can understand the pain.
Feeling bad for new players, they dont have any chance creating indoraptor…


I see dozens all day, every day. None at night. But I’m guaranteed at least 6 or 7 on my hour commute to work, and then another 6 or so on the commute back. They’re everywhere. Not sure why they’ve stopped spawning at night for me, or at all for others.


Me too I’m surrounded by them!


I wonder if it’s a certain region? I see a lot of people complain there are no velociraptors but often I see two within 20 meters of each other. O.o


I see them most often when the sunset animation is going on.


I am in local spawn number 4 and here v-raptors are spawning (very few) in dawn/dusk/night.


I’d argue it’s certain regions, too…The level of Velociraptors around where I am is what I’d call ‘fair’. There are a couple in the neighbourhood at the moment. (With that in mind, I think it’d be easier if the spawning mechanics were based on specifically-named types of locations - urban, inner-city, outskirts, suburban, rural, etc - can’t get my head around the ‘Local 1-4’ areas XD)

I like it when species spawn more like they would be as animals…Like raptors are pack-hunters, so it’s really cool when you see a cluster of at least three of them :stuck_out_tongue:


v-raptor is a dawn/dusk/night global spawn. it doesn’t matter where you are. when are you hunting? if you are trying to get them at 2:00 PM, you aren’t going to find them.

i wouldn’t say they are super rare, but rarer than before. they used to spawn like rabbits, now maybe like 50% less.


They’re still pretty common for me, even during the day I seem to pick up several. I think it’s a region thing.


@Delta @Linaleigh what region are you in? I’ve never seen them in day time. Or maybe you take public transit?
I’m in L4. It was 20 per night before 1.3 update, now only 3 or 4 per night.


Well I found just one at dusk on my way home and ran right to it. Another common Dino that seemed to disappear from my screen is Euoplocephalus. They used to be everywhere in the day time like raptors are at night but now they’re all but gone. Replaced by the Apatos. They can’t seem to get the spawn right do they?


@Syg I live in an L3 area but I travel quite a bit across my region for work, passing through all L 1-4, and I see Velociraptors literally everywhere all day long. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m in the UK? It might be more real-world region than game region.


You need to move alot for all your city driving to get maybe 4,5 xd


City, I found 6 or so last night. They are hit or miss. I see loads of Lithronax, Dracorex and Ophiocodon… I don’t even slow down for those guys. I still see Raptors just about every night they just all hid on Wednesday cause they knew I was targeting them apparently. Clever girls!


@Syg I’m in whichever area Erlikos are more common in. Like Linaleigh, I’m also in the UK.