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Need a Complete Evolve Option - Auto Fuse Megathread

I think there should be a complete Evolve option. I just purchased a incubator and got this and had to evolve
Everytime. I understand it’s a rare case no one would get all this DNA in one go but still.

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Wait till you get to high level hybrids lol. It takes forever to level one. Minimum DNA is about 10, maximum is 100 i think / fuse. Especially a 10-DNA spree takes up loads of time haha.

Maybe add steps of fuse X times since certain dino DNA is needed in multiple hybrids; you don’t want to spend it all at once.

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I would like to suggest some kind of button that will automatically take into account a players current DNA and coin levels and max up a hybrid dinosaur the most possible times in one click rather than having to click 4-10 times.
It could play all the fuse DNA animations in rapid succession, so Ludia doesn’t have to create new ones, but it would just auto select the “create hybrid” button until resources run out. Just a thought.
It would save time. Thanks!


Yes, please, it can get very annoying when you have a lot of DNA to fuse!

Great idea, it takes a long time to do sometimes!

This would be good. Another option would be a multi-create button that gives you a slider to select how many you want to do.

I think this is really needed. I’m looking at having to hit that button near to 100 times, each time waiting for the animation to play. That is for making the 1250 DNA needed to make a Level 16 Einiasuchus.

I’m sure there are many people in this boat.


This. 100% this. Please…

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I can’t say I understand you in this case, usually I experience the same thing, but not in JW Alive, only get 10 about 50% of the time, and the other half I get 20 or more.

Take them out of your team and see if that helps when you fuse.

Tenshi, getting only ten 50% of the time is an outrage, and about 75% of the time its either 10 or 20, it’s a complete joke. That’s far too slow!

Maybe, I didn’t choose it, but I’m not comlaining, Even though I in exchange have a hard time finding the dinos I need for the fusion

Just found the new ankylodocon hybrid… consisting of 2 commons that i had 5000+ of one and 8000+ of another. taking only 50 of each to fuse meant it took 15+ minutes to evolve this thing as far as i could. maybe add an option to fuse once, fuse 10 times and auto-fuse until you run out of DNA. something the computer could do in seconds. Thanks.


work them fingers bagoyee! :joy::joy:

I have been playing the gsme since prerelease and I live in Toronto, so I have had a ‘relative’ abundance of dinos to capture. I have got my level 20 Velociraptor & Indominous Rex just after global release. And since then I have been trying to get Indoraptor, which brings us to the topic here, the fusion rate is awfully low. And frustrating given the expensive cost of a single fusion. Most of the time I get 10s. I got 20s twice and a single time I got a 30. Nothong more. Here’s an example of the last time I tried to fuse indoraptor DNA in before and after photos. I hope Ludia can make the fusion rates minimum value directly proportional to the cost of fusing DNA


Dont worry i get 10 always too :slight_smile:

Which is frustrating. It took me a whole week to make the ingredients. Getting a load of TRex, VRaptor to make indominous then a buttload of VRaptor again to work on IRaptor. And all I got out of 6 trials is 70 DNA :confused:

My first Indoraptor fusion gave me 70, then 10s the rest of the way lol

I don’t know who was behind the wheel the other night but I was making an Ankylocodon and I got 30, 30, 20, 40, 30, 70, 10. Hah!