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Need a friendly challenge


anyone can help me out with a friendly battle?

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I can try : )


great! thanks, im Wilshire 4332, add me

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I can’t accest the invite button :pensive:. LadyHadden 2062


lol the usual bugs. request sent!


you didnt get the request did you? arrh this freakin bugs

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I didn’t. I’ve been restarting and stuff. What’s your alliance name if you’re in one?


me too, but nothing. HeWasNumber1, good thinking!

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i got it!! let me see if i can challenge you

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i keep sending you challenges but dont seem to go through, and i accepted one of yours but nothing happened. i have to go to sleep now, at least we try, thank you for helping me @LadyHadden . maybe another time :smiley::smiley:

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We are closer to battling now than we were an hour ago. :laughing:
I’m always up for a friendly challenge.


Ill battle if anyone is up to. Dinoman #1004


If anyone needs a friendly battle i am online most days at odd times so look me up if you drop onto the net ! my user name JoeVolcano27 and my # is # 6132 :+1: :grinning: :+1:


I’ve sent a request to all, hope you don’t mind. Screen name is Steph


I’m not able to send requests by screen names. I’ll accept any that my app will allow me to view and click :blush:

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I’ll add you too! Always up to battle! Bluesbaby 6603

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