Need a “game disconnected” or “sorry matchmaking sucks Emote”

There are tons of times when I feel the need to communicate actually valuable things to my opponent besides a thumbs up or a good game.

  1. Despite being almost 2 years into production, the game freezes far too frequently (even on the best WiFi). This should be embarrassing Ludia.
    -if I need to close the app and relaunch in it the middle of a match, it would be nice to explain why I’ll end up losing despite having an early lead in the match… and why I took forever just to use the basic move for a few rounds.

  2. I’ve been on both sides of Ludia’s inept matchmaking. My fastest dino is 140 yet I’ll frequently get matched against 155+. (Speed needs to be weighed much more than any other stat. This should be obvious by now).

On the flip side, I’ve also been matched with teams I’ve soloed with just one Dino. I can empathize with my opponents frustration. This was part of the reason I left the game for months and came back strictly FTP months later.

It’d be nice to tell my opponent “no hard feelings. I’m sorry that the game is awful at matching up players competitively.”

p.s. thank you for leap year and allo2 next month, but never stop improving :+1:t4:


Yep agreed, and they do need to get the whole unfair matchups fixed, it just makes you not want to battle, and totally killed the enjoyment for me.

Im still hoping the game can improve to a point where playing again becomes viable, but there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of before that is feasible.

I mean they have taken care of some of the things I hated, such as rat for instance, also adding more PvE aspects like the campaign, similar to an idea I myself suggested a while back, so thats another plus…however reading the forums about all the bugs, disconnections and new iteration of OP things, im just like “Nopeeeee, not yet!”, but alas the hope remains!

Even going to start making suggestions of ways to improve the game or new features, because who knows some just might get implemented!

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