Need a good alliance please

Hi, Ive played this game for almost 2 years and then quit for a month and started again yesterday,
Now i need an alliance which preferably can get tier 9 on AC rewards,anglish speaking,raid strats and discord

Now about me,
Im lvl 17 with 4500-4600 (currently at 4300 for trying a legendary team)
I am active and play almost everyday and do a lot if battles,DBI and all the strikes available

Tournaments are my favorite part of the game and unfortunately i can’t do tourneys wirhout joining an alliance

You can contact me here or on discord


Tnanks for taking your time to read it

Tried to find you but didn’t have any luck SNICKIS#1391 is my discord if u want to try and find me

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Still looking for an alliance? If so, Coolboys Inc are looking for a couple more members!

What we offer:

  • Rank 9 tournaments (5 week)
  • Rank 8-10 weekly missions
  • 3 level sanctuaries (part of a co-op)
  • coordinated raids and Discord

What we ask:

  • actively playing (completing daily missions and daily battle incubators)
  • follow sanctuary rules
  • complete all tournament takedowns

If you’re interested in joining, feel free to jump into our discord and send a screenshot of your in-game profile!