Need a little help with the game (Titan Uprising)

Hi! I just started playing this game recently so I don’t really know much oof xd

•I don’t understand how a dragon gains more stars? I have dragons that have multiple “spaces” for stars and whenever I train them/feed them fish nothing really happens, they just gain more power but no stars. Is this supposed to happen? Or am I supposed to do something to help the dragons gain more stars?

•Can drafts give you dragons that already have a few stars? I got some pretty decent dragons but they have no stars before I train them (they only get one xd).

•Some of the dragons that I got from drafts have a different pose than the ones advertised in the drafts (they are the same dragon) even when trained and level up so many times, how could this be?

I feel like I’m doing something wrong because I never get dragons with more than one gold star :0?

Thanks :grinning:


Welcome to the game and the forum.
I’ll give you some examples, may not be the same dragon but I’ll try to be clear.
Let’s say i have a new dragon using my 2* as an example. The first step is to train it (Using your fish and the required colour scales).
Once trained, this dragon will be able to be used in your team in battles etc. Then your able to continue leveling your dragon up from level 1. Here you can see what it looks like now and also training requirements which is what is required to train to the next star at Level 30.
The number 30 means what level your dragon needs to be to train to the next star. Once you hit level 30, you will be able to train to the next star by paying the required Gold and Scales.
Tip here: Using the same colour dragons to feed your dragon will apply double the % to level the ability up. So example a blue 2 star dragon will give 4% chance while a any other colour not green 2 star will give 2% chance instead. Also the higher the rarity/stars you feed, the more chance %.
Since my dragon is only a 2 star, once trained to 2 stars, you can continue to level up till level 40 and won’t be able to train again unless you have much higher rarity dragon’s.

At 1 star, you can level up a dragon to level 30 before being able to train.
At 2 star, you can level up a dragon to level 40 before being able to train.
At 3 star, you can level up a dragon to level 50 before being able to train.
At 4 star, you can level up a dragon to level 60 before being able to train.
And at 5 star, you can level up a dragon to level 70 and that is the highest possible level to max out your dragon! :muscle:

Any dragon you gain from the drafts will always be at 0 stars until you train it to 1 star to start leveling up your dragon. The drafts advertise some max leveled dragons to show how much power/attack/defence/health they are capable of so you will always get your dragons as a baby until trained.
In the campaign, you will pick up 1 star dragons along the way.
In the drafts, you will get a free draft token every 6 hours with a chance of getting a 2 star or a 3 star dragon. The premium drafts have a chance of 3 stars, 4 stars or 5 stars.
You will unlock the breedery/hatchery where you can unlock more new and/or stronger dragons.

As for this pose you say which i couldn’t understand clearly, you might be referring to how big they are and what they look like? Their visuals will change mostly when you train them to a new star.
Also if you would like to discuss more, using an app called Discord. We have a Titan Uprising Discord server where you can discuss and ask questions to the community who play Dragons: Titan Uprising.
You can find the invitation to the server through this link:

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Usually I’m not a person to call out walls of text, but… if you want a more concise answer than the, clearly, very detailed reply that Yohomie has written:

  1. Feeding increases level. At max level you can train. Training increases the star count. Training requires scales and, later, even copies of your dragon.

  2. No. Everything begins as a hatchling. Except for tutorial dragons that are given to you at level 16 for breedery.

  3. Dragons change in appearance when you train them. Everything you see in the store - is blatant advertisement of dragons in their prime.

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