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Need a more active alliance?


Your alliance isn’t working out ? Join us! TJC2019 we are small but mighty! We play daily, all active players ready to have some fun and contribute to the missions.


Hello. Are all (or at least most) of the players in your alliance active in the alliance missions? I’ve realized that I’m fine getting lower rank rewards for the alliance missions as long as most of the alliance is contributing. Just getting tired of being in alliances with 50 members but its less than half working towards the missions and the rest just want us to donate DNA to them.


Yes we all are. We have some people that are from Australia so battling them is a little tricky but we can tell that they are contributing to the missions. We usually get to rank three but would love to get to rank 4 and five.


My friend (dinohunter) and I have sent you a request to join

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Glad to have you in board!


Ara join my team! We are very active we want to reach level 4,5 we are now more than 20 so it’s possinle TJC2019 we speak English and Spanish.
Ara únete a la mía! Estamos bien activos queremos llegar al nivel 4 y 5 ya somos más de 20 así que es posible. TJS2019 hablamos inglés y español

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