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Need a new, active alliance

My husband and I are looking for a new alliance. We’re both the only top contributors in ours and it’s frustrating knowing that in a full 50 alliance, only a couple of people are contributing. I don’t have a very high rank, but we both play daily.


Looks like Crunchcrew already has 50 members, but thank you.

Hi, your welcome to join us, we started right at the beginning but never bothered to recruit until 1.7. We are up to 14 members. Arthurs Army

Hello at the moment we have only one free spot but free spots will be available soon…about our alliance…joining our discord channel is required…from there we set our strategy…you say you play daily…does did means active…we had some players saying playing daily what meant just do their daily missions because that’s not good enough for us…and oh yes …normally we achieve 5/4 in alliance missions

If you’re willing to join our Discord you’re more than welcome @NoGutsNoGlory

Don’t know if your still looking but I just started a new alliance called DinoStatic. We are a mix of very active and some what active players. We all do our best to help each other out. Feel free to join.


I’ll be clearing out some people due to inactivity let me know! TJC2019

@Apaeggia If you’re still looking we have an alliance called Vinskosaurus ready for active, friendly people to join :slight_smile:

JWADK just created last week, you are both welcome :slight_smile: