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Need a new alliance

I have my own alliance and I thought it would be a good idea. I only have 14 members and I’m the only one who plays almost all the time. I’m level 20 and I play a lot, 4800 odd trophy count at mo and I’m looking for a new alliance to call home. Anyone got spaces for me?

Arthurs Army has spaces.

If I join the alliance will I get the alliance awards as normal? Or would I have to wait till I’ve been in the alliance a little bit first?

We always welcome hard working high level active players. The alliance: OurHeros

You can consider “Lords of Jurassic World” it’s an international alliance and consistently hitting rank 5/4 since the beginning. We’re not so hardcore but friendly, casual and generous. We use both in-game chat and discord for communication. If you’re interested message me and I’ll make a space for you

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We are very active
Swiss Coconut 2

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If you’re interested in help to rebuild an alliance. Twenty after fourasaurus is the place to be. We are a 4/3 alliance with a lot of inactive members we are going to replace.
We do have a chat (discord) and you can give your opinion/ideas for our alliance to make it better.
If you’re interested or want more information send me a message.

Hi Chard, I have a healthy alliance LEISURE RAPTORS and one spot just opened up when a French member left to join his friend. We always get 5/4 and members’ activity is monitored so we won’t have lazy leeches. We do most of our chatting on our facebook group but if you don’t like facebook we also have Discord. We are one of the oldest alliances with 20 original members, and we were ranked when Ludia did the alliance rush.