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Need A New Alliance!

Guys , I am an active player, completes daily missions, take part in every tournament regularly and now raids .
I have 4598 trophies right now . And I’m looking for a very active alliance that can accomodate me.

Hey we are active but I have been trying for a month to start to grow my alliance as with 2 people we can’t get much done your welcome to join once we get people this alliance will be solid :slight_smile:

if you want you can join us. we are looking for active members. some members in our alliance are no longer active if you are interested. MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme84 # 1337

Hi we’re looking to active players you could join our alliance
Most of time we have 2 sanctuaries lvl20 and we’re doing very good on championship
I’ll share you our discord link in dm

TheNerdHerd… trust me

Join Countrybner We like to Pounce dat dino

If you haven’t joined anywhere yet, we would also be thankful for your help, and provide a friendly and active team for you in SFT Squad. :slight_smile:

Team Invincibles just had a minor clear out, so we have 3 slots available.
10/10 for the longest time (even this week), top 50 alliance (usually reached Tier 8/9 in Alliance Championship), active in discord for tournament and raids discussions, shares 3 Lvl 20 sanctuaries. Buzz me on discord Dinohunter#742, we’ll chat there