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Need a new arena


I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and I feel there needs to be another arena so people 5000+ trophies can move up. I’m finding it incredibly difficult to progress due to this. Thoughts??


They will probably add more with time… Especially when they make another movie :laughing:


They can use things from other movies… I know it’s jurassic world but the stories behind them are all the same…
I’m stuck at 4500 and then drop to 4200. They need to keep updating it otherwise we’re going to be losing a lot of players not adding 5 more dinos every 5/6 month. I’m left with 8 uniques to get. But definitely a new are an needs to be made to keep us all progressing


I’m not there yet, but I agree. And it would be pretty cool if they used environments from the Jurassic Park movies, but I doubt it will happen.


Very bottlenecked in aviary


They dont need a new arena. Just change the trophy requirements back to what they were before


5k Lockwood 6k aviary. Shouldve never changed. Thats why i laugh when people say “finally made it to aviary” lol. like no, u were given aviary. some of us were there when it was hard to get to lol


Back when Avairy was at 6k they also allowed bots to give normal trophies. Im pretty sure the reduction in trophies was for match making. So putting avairy back to 6k might make another issue for people that get that high…


Yea but ur not bound by ur arena u can still match with people in lower arena then you as long as their in the +/- 450 range


U just see ur arena. They see theirs


I agree that there should be more arenas mainly to increase battle awarded incubator dna options. Every 500 is fair, that is how it is for the lower arenas.

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I guess there will be at least 2 more arenas coming soon as the aviary has only one star. Each layer has 3 stars at previous arenas.


I was in the aviary before when it was 6k unfortunately better dinos we’re released and the ones I’d spent a lot of time on we’re no longer useful.