Need A New Group

Had to leave my last alliance, they got too militant with gameplay and threatened players. I’m a daily player, I play in tournaments as they open and contribute DNA as much as I can.

Level 20 in the Lockwood Library.

Thank you!


Hi message me on discord at Daylan2003#1265, we can talk there, it’s a lot easier and more convenient to talk

If your still looking I have a fun care-free alliance for you. It only has 40 members that are low level BUT are very passionate and support this alliance immensely. Any questions? Message me through the forums or through Discord.

Feel free to join my newly created alliance “Apex Anka”
As long as you are active that’s all that matters. No finger pointing.
You may invite other active players to our alliance also.

Decision is yours.

If you’re looking for an alliance still, you can join the alliance raptors. You could message me here, add me in game (StinkPanda #8642) or just search up our alliance NorthernRaptors. Our alliance icon and description is on our ad. Do you want to be a Northern Raptor?

We have requirements and even though we’re mid-level at the moment, we are pretty active and still get decent rewards.