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Need a Screenshot of every unique dino pls

Hi! So I have to complete the most insane request for I’ll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas, I have been requested to draw a hybrid between every single unique dino in JWA. I don’t have every unique dino and the internet doesn’t provide me with the best shots so I am asking ya’ll to pls help me out. I just need a side profile pic of all of the beast, you can show 1 unique, you can show them all, I don’t know, just don’t repeat dinos that have been shown pls and thank u!


Which are the ones you are missing, Snake_Dude? :smiley:

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you should download the Field Guide app! it has ALLL the creatures in it. It’s JWA Field Guide on Apple and Android. Best companion app to JWA there is.




everything other than trykosaurus, thor, erlidominus, skoonasaurus, spinoconstrictor, erlikospyx, touramoloch, utahrhinex, antarctovenator, indoraptor, and stigidaryx, got a long ways to go to make this giant hybrid :sweat:


granted this is profile pictures only

yeah, I need a pic of the creatures not their profile pics since that would only allow me to see their heads

Do you have all of those or do you need those?

I have all of those, I needed the other ones, but the drawings been completed, and I have created a new super ultra hybrid that has the most creatures fused to into it in the entire topic

Do you need Tenontorex? I’ve got it if you need.

than you, but I have completed the hybrid and is now available to be viewed by the public in my hybrid drawings topic

Is it the Deorus Rex thing?

Yes I never gave it a name, I guess it was randomly given that name, but it can be called whatever the commissioner of the creature wants i guess

Go to JWA Wiki fandom.