Need a second team for friend matches


Now all Dino are 26 when fighting friends it would be good to have a second team function as swapping Dino’s each time a challenge is offered is too time consuming

Suggestion re friendly battles

We certainly need to be able to distribute our dinosaurs in a certain way. Either multiple team optios so that we can switch easily or set our favorites to appear first or something like that.


Yep make much easier


Sounds Like an Awesome suggestion, Then we could Also test out dinos


As a suggestion, could there be a separate team made up for friendly battles please? I’m constantly having to change my personal team while trying out new dinos in friendly battles before going back to the battle arena. Would be a good idea to pick the 8 dinos before the battle? Or have them set up in collections separately?


That was my reasoning. My husband and I battle each other to test out much lower level dinos as to whether they’re worth catching more DNA for or not :grin: