Need a squad to help you beat Mortem Rex? Come see if you have at least one of the creatures required for the best strategy we've found for non-hardcore players so far *Outdated from 2.1 onwards*

If you find that you have one of the required creatures with the recommended stats, post which creature it is and what it’s stats are, along with your timezone.

The purpose of this thread is to help compatible teammates find each other. Hopefully you will find it helpful.

Firstly, here's the strategy. Don't worry about the stats, I've provided the suggested and minimum values to give you the best chance at winning.

Ardentismaxima stats

HP~ At least 7521(if you’re feeling lucky), 8147 if you’re willing to risk it, and 8774 if you want a good chance.

Attack~ Preferably 1672 or higher. If your teammate’s Tenontorex has higher damage than recommended, you might be able to get away with lower.

Tuoramoloch stats

HP~ At least 3343 (if you’re feeling lucky), anything above 4177 is perfectly safe.

Attack~ 1671 is perfectly safe, you can use lower if your teammate’s Irritator has above 3343 HP.
Use the formula [(i-3342)+(T×2)]-3342=X
i being Irritator’s HP, T being Tuoramoloch’s attack stat. If X is 1 or higher, then you’re fine.

Tenontorex stats

HP~ At least 3343 (if you’re feeling lucky), anything above 4177 is perfectly safe.

Attack~ 1766 or higher is recommended. You can go lower if your teammate’s Ardentismaxima has higher damage than recommended.

Irritator stat

HP~ At least 3343. Check with your Tuoramoloch teammate. Anything above 4177 is perfectly safe.

Note that Ardentismaxima has to be slower than Irritator (Tenontorex should be too, ideally). Tuoramoloch should be the fastest.

If you’re not on Discord and you want to communicate with your teammates, just use the private messaging function on the forums. Tap your Display picture in the top right, tap the envelope icon, then tap new message and @ everyone you want to join.


Lvl 22
5500 HP
1200 ATK
108 Speed

Awesome this will be helpful! I have a tenontorex that’s good enough IronCaptain 2540 if anyone wants to send me a friend request.

EST. Available pretty much anytime from 8am to midnight.
I’ve got a turomoloch

I also have a friend (same time zone. Availability may be different. Will update when I know.) That has a unboosted lv 24 tenontorex.


Great now we have the toura the irritator and the tenontorex just need a high maxima!

IST (Indian Timezone), I can be flexible.
I have a Tenontorex (4285 HP, 1809 damage, ready to be levelled up) and an Irritator (3438 HP).

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27 Tenrex and 27 Maxima. I have 13 health boosts and 14 attack boosts I’m willing to apply to one of them.

I’m in the EST timezone. I work remotely on Wednesday from 8am to 5pm, but can raid any time I’m not in a meeting. Lunch break from 11:30 - 12:15.

If you’re willing to organize a discord group, my username is: WamSam#6606

I’m actually not on Discord. I just use the private messaging function on the forums.

If you want to know how to use it, I’ve updated the original post. Don’t want people cluttering up the thread too much.

Got a 21 tuora with enough DNA and boosts to get her to 23 with required boosts. (Just 20 short for 24, fipping stygi atm). If needed just let me know. My tz is UTC+3

I have nothing so far but I can level irritator

Ok so far we have have 2 tenontorex, 2 Touramoloch & 2 irritator users we just need someone with a big maxima

Don’t forget to specify your timezone.

If someone has Mortem (most of the times, they dont spawn near me), just make me host for the raid lobby, and I could invite one of my alliance mates, since most of them are in endgame-lvl. My alliance is T Wreckz, and yall could also send them invites

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I obviously need coins :grimacing: I’m in EST. TheDudeAbides#6912

I have enough dna for upgrade my tenrex level 23, and i can apply 4 or more boosts for damage and hp

Timezone GMT+2 (Ita)

I got my Ardentis that’s level 27 with the required stats. I’m available every Wednesday so far. Timezone is PST.

Fantastic! Can you send me a friend request? I’m IronCaptain 2540

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Hmm, I may boost my Tenonto just for that

If any of these help @Qaw, let me know… I’m already friends with you in game… it’s GokuSamma

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