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Need a squad to help you beat Mortem Rex? Come see if you have at least one of the creatures required for the best strategy we've found for non-hardcore players so far *Outdated from 2.1 onwards*

Thank you Xulon and Deb, that was mine and ‘Flex’s’ first Mortem win.

My 30 Thor, a 24 tuoro, a 28 indo gen 2 and 25 deilo seem to get it done every time, we won twice now.

My Thors ready, minions dead first round after tuoros speed boost.

Our alliance uses two strategies-

  1. Dilo+indo2, maxima and touro
  2. Tenontorex + tryostronix, maxima and touro

If anyone wants to talk tips/plans, or about getting into a group chat for raids send me a direct message.


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Cool one @Jerald

Dunderfloof 8064, I work odd hours but if I’m on and you invite I’ll join if I can

Your name or code may be wrong, says no user.

Sorry, got my # wrong


I’ve added you. For Mortem we use Irritator method, but I can bring Irritator, Maxima or Tenontorex to raids.

Ya need ardento and or Thor, Tuoro and deilo or another distracter.

Not really, and this isn’t even my normal group

My Maxima is high enough

My Thor and rest of my team hes farmable status now.

I have a heavily boosted TenRex - level 23, but 4372/1805/111. Would love a team. Getting close on my Tuoramoloch but not quite there yet (level 21, 4054/1410/126, need coins to level it up to 22)

I would love to try! Haven’t had a real chance yet.

Mexico here. Central US time.