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Need active alliance

My girlfriend and I play all the time and we are carrying our alliance. Nobody else is doing work to build our rewards. We typically only get up to rank 5 in incubator rewards and without us they wouldn’t make it to rank 2. Good group just not active enough. Can’t even get anyone to donate. Anyone looking for active alliance members?

@Iambobbylegend, if you both are able to play the tournament and get a minimum of 10 takedowns every tournament then we would be happy for you to join: AustCorpGen2 :slight_smile:

We spam the tournaments, no problem in getting 10 takedowns. Still very green on tournaments but always get the 1000 points from the 10 takedowns. We also do our best to keep getting more medals from the tournys.

Should I request? Our usernames are Dmea and Iambobbylegend. We also just started a new account on the iPad a couple of days ago for donation purposes. I am working on getting that one up to the badlands for tourney eligibility if you want a third active account. That one is only in mt sibo right now but I am pushing ahead in pvp.

We can leave our alliance whenever, we just don’t want to drop the alliance without a safe landing spot.

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes would be happy to add / accept you

if you write the nicknames with the codes after # we will look for you if you want!

Iambobbylegend 9404 Dmea 5623 Nofloforchlorosa 8424

We just started the noflo one a few days ago.

now if you want to enter you must ask for the entrance. you will be welcome

Coolio! I hope for sunny skies ahead.

@Iambobbylegend, we are weekly reaching level 6 in alliance missions.we need active players like u.participation and 10 takedowns in tournament is enough for us but it is not mandatory.If u wish to join us ,my alliance name is crystallize.I already sent invitation to you.

I would be interested, active everyday.

Ok.Send request.Alliance name is crystallize.Tell me your username with code.

U still looking for an alliance but u need discord if interested message me on discord MegalodonGamer#6965 and add me on in game Megalodon360real#8855 to see our alliance we make it typically in 10/9 in missions rank 112 in championship