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Need advice for composition

I have been playing for about a month so far. I have done a fair amount of research so far but I know that many others have a ton of experience and any advice on where to go from here would be helpful. I just got into the Lockdown and now I seem to have hit a wall. Screenshot_20210403-034848

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What a fantastic achievement to have got this far in only a month!

All I can say is well done, keep an learning eye on teams that beat you, and gear your future plans around what you need next. Don’t waste resources on the three obvious dinos that you won’t be using later on, Velociraptor, Erlikogamma, and Purrolyth.

If you’re in a good alliance you should be well on the way to getting Monolorhino early next week. If you aren’t I strongly suggest you do join one and quickly!


The best advice you’ll get today, I promise… slow down, you’re sprinting through the best part of the game and we all hit walls… lots and lots of walls

Well a friend turned me on to it… I showed a couple of my friends… From there we formed an alliance… Now its up to 21 people and about 6 of them, besides my friends, are active. We just did an alliance best in out goals by hitting rank 6 on exploration and we are close to rank 5 on defense. I do like the game and I seem to be decent at it.

Based on what you said I am guessing that the unique Indoraptor isnt that great and neither is the Grypolyth?

Im a vet on service connect… I dont have much else to do with my days lol. I run a giga scent daily and ive gotten lucky with epics showing up. I also am a good shot with the darts so I am averaging 280 on commons near me, 200 on rares and about 135 on epics…

Grypo is, Indo isn’t.

You would better to look at joining a well established alliance as the weekly and monthly rewards will be way better. With your progress there are plenty that would love to have you join them.