Need advice on filling last slot

Ok so I have been doing ok in the arena since getting my Indoraptor however my addition of level 19 Rexy to the team let me down as it was only getting off a single hit before being killed!

I switched it out for Spinotahraptor and did a bit better however it’s lack of health is getting it killed fast!

Was thinking about leveling up Posti and putting it in as it can’t be slowed, but I’m not sure…

Oh and I don’t really like using Suchotator!

Here is what I have to work with right now:


Personally I would go for Monostegotops although it could do with being a level or two higher.

Problem then would be the Mono DNA which needs to go to Monomimus!

Yeah - mines 17 too but I still keep him in my team as I find him useful; next batch of Mono is going to go to try and get him to 18, maybe 19.

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Would love to hear some input from you super high rated or super experienced players!

Edit: I do have three dinosaurs benched that are on the MetaHub Apex list in Rajakylo, Allosino and Alankylo but the problem is getting the needed DNA!

you have alankyla and rajakyla which both are pretty good. you can enter both and remove stegocera even. it is such high level tho. honestly you have some interesting leveling choices. spinutahraptor and gorgo at level 19? why not just play allosino as tank killer and create spinutahsuchus instead? but anywan i would say either alankyla or rajakyla.

I think you have your best team already. Switch a few in and out for variety and see if you can work in certain moves. Don’t worry about losing more since you can put your best in and get right back to same level.

Suggest trying Alankylosaurus and it’s Swap-in-move.

Yeah Gorgosuchus has been so great for me, one shotting dinosaurs and such, Spinotahraptor is in because I don’t have Kapra at level 15 to start fusing…though it is close.

Sino DNA is a massive problem coz I never see it, which is a shame coz I have 125k Allosaurus to use up.

And on closer inspection I can’t really go with Posti after all coz never see Dimetradon!

Gah I’m so lost lol. Invincibility bird might be the way to go…but the DNA, I can’t get Alanqa :cry:

Deffo Raja! Level him up too! He is a good counter dino. Id lose spino or gorgo or both if you wanted suchotator back in

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What worries me about leveling up Rajakylo is that I only have 5 or 600 Anky which ideally I’d like to save for the Rexy unique later down the road, and Anky DNA is like gold to me in terms of rarity.

I really don’t rate the monowhatsitsname yeah it has the dodge thing but I’ve faced so many and beat them with my level 21 stego I concentrated on the monosegatops and it’s been on my team for a while now . This is mine I’m bouncing around 4000-4500 trophys with this pack

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Is Paramaloch any good? I’m always getting Stygi from Incubator and Para DNA is pretty easy to obtain, plus it has stuns up the wazoo.

Right now I’m thinking, Rajakylo, Paramaloch, Alankylo or even Allosino… but the Sino and Alanqa are serious problems…

A counter attacker with instant Invincibility like Rajakylo could be handy, but the Anky is precious so much…

Really don’t know what to do, and raptors like velociraptor and Utah don’t have staying power. :thinking:

Here is my current rating.

I liked the para for a while but it’s first shot is so weak that if if I don’t get the stun and they slow me I’m probably gonna die pretty quickly I’ve got so much dna for it I could probably get it up to 21-22 but I just can’t make myself do it im sticking with the blue bird in it’s place it’s one of my favourites and I’ve destroyed so many higher level dinos with it but again as with all dinos you need to know how and when to use them and then hope the rng gods are on you’re side

Just a thought…you said you have 125k Allosaurus,why not level this common.I have seen lots of top players use it.

Well that could be an option, only issue I see is it’s gunna have same issue as with trex, get off maybe one hit…or maybe a second but nerfed in half.

Oh and Ludia recently took Allo from my area and gave me the ever great Iguanodon lol

If I only had Spinotahsuchus unlocked I’d be set lol

You have a tidy bit of megala??? Dna I used mine for the level 19 thing I have and it’s a really good one for me it has a counter attack wich is around 700-800 and with it’s ferocious strike it puts it’s counter up over a thousand and then it’s main strike added on around the same and it has a shield and a critical hit I usually keep it for when there down to 700 ish then swap it in .it’s a nice surprise

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Yeah I’ve again faced a few and you’re right it mite get a good hit maybe even two but if I’ve got my stego out I’m making sure if he does kill me I’m slowing him on my last shot so whatever I put in is gonna be first then it’s bye bye

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Allo is a beast! Mine is 22 and soon will be 24! He just moved into the area aswell, sorry. At 22 he can take a clean swipe from indoms cloak and ramoage when no critical happens. He also beats trex hands down. Only allosino is better but finding sino…

Yup and only a few times have I ever had trouble with an Allo, and that was mainly due to not being able to null its damage at the time.

Megla sounds good but I’d need to use up Kapra DNA which I can’t easily get, and that would slow me down from getting Spinatasuchus unlocked. And with the up coming DoT Meta I really need it unlocked.