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Need advice on improving my team

Hi. I wonder if I could get an advice from higher tier players on what should be my next steps in terms of dna grinding and improving my team. My goal for the next month is to be a solid contender in top 250 and possibly push for top 100 within next couple months. I’ve been fluctuating between 134th ( my best record) to 250th during this tournament, but i feel like i was getting pretty lucky so far, since almost everyone around me in the leaderboard has stronger dinos and deserves to be higher than me.

Unfortunately i started playing this game only at the end of september and had to enjoy frequent Trex spawns for only couple months, so now i am lucky if i see one per day and that makes it very difficult to improve my indoraptor, trykosaurus (which are both below average level) and i can’t really spare any dna to finish unlocking erliko.
For now i am trying to focus on zone 2 to get my diloracheirus to level 28, which seems to be an average level in top 250 range, and slowly getting my tenontorex to 27. I feel like that should help me to have a fast dino on my team and have either a draw in speed or be faster than lower tier of top 250.

I have enough sino dna to get my utarinex to level 28, but i am worried that it will be severely nerfed next patch and will likely not be useful for higher tier battles. So i wonder if investing it all in thor will be a good move and eventually replace trystronix with it? Or maybe i should gamble and get my utarinex to level 28 and have easier time in battles till patch 1.6.
Some might notice that i have no nullifiers on my team and that having one of them would be useful, but i noticed that not many players are using indominus rex or monomimus at this stage in the game and that there haven’t really been a need for one.
I am also a bit on a lower side with my tanks. My tryko is a baby and doesn’t have too much health and i never invested in tragodists, which would take too much time and resources to level up to 28.

So I am just interested to hear any suggestions or have a discussion if some of my logic above is flawed.

nice team level. and your indo should be 27 this weekend.

i dont see why leveling up what you have wouldn’t get you into a higher bracket. its the carbon copy of alot of solid teams.

im nowhere near you because i chose to level dinos like giga and not use dinos like spino just for something different. i do like Thor over Tryo personally. i use monostego because the slow comes in more handy then the nullify at times.

you can wait untill 1.6 also to see what changes are made and what new creatures will be released.