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Need advice on next steps for my park

Hey there!
I’ve felt pretty good about my park until recently. I’ve noticed I don’t have a lot of coin production but also I don’t think my dinosaurs are very strong. The events are starting to get to the point where I can’t do a lot of the ones that unlock rare carnivores let alone super rares. I’ve saved a ton of DNA because I felt like it’d be worth investing it into the higher level dinosaurs (legendary and super rares). So I’ve managed to just get dinosaurs from events while stock piling my DNA.
Am I on the right track? I want to get into tournaments but unfortunately my dinos aren’t where they need to be for that. What would you guys do differently? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Well u see when I was like u I didn’t get even to the predator league
I had to get like 3 max rares, 6 super rares and 4 legendaries maxed to get to the heavy weight level and make 10 battles on the first day of tournament and 6 battles per day until the tournament ended
So I suggest for u to have atleast 3 legendaries maxed and 2 more super rares
If thats OK with u, its ur wish

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nice team you got there


Sell all your buildings. They are worthless at producing coins. The best building is legitimately worse than the dino who produces the least coins. Instead, focus on surrounding your paddocks with the highest % decorations.

I have created a guide on this here:

Struggling with events:

This is because there is a 602 ferocity drop from your Pteranodon to Stegosaurus. At your lowish ferocity level, this is a massive gap.

This means you have only 5 dinos to use in the hardest event, and then you’re forced to sandbag yourself with the L40 Super Rares.

After your top 5, you only have about 10 dinos that you can sandbag with before you start getting crippled, which is at your Monolophosaurus since it’s a L40 Rare. After that, the rest of your roster is obsolete.

This is why your events are so hard. Your top roster needs to start from your first dino, until an arbitrary dropoff. Your right now is at 5 dinos. Even if you include those next 10 dinos after your top 5, there is a substantial gap between the 2.

My recommendations:

Stop focusing on Super Rares and getting them to L40. With your L10 VIPs and L30 Pteran any subsequent Super Rare addition will not benefit your top roster. Focus on getting base Legendaries to L30, and on making Rare and Super Rare Hybrids.

You can made Tapejalosaurus by fusing your Tapejara and Mono. You can then get Tapejalosaurus to L11. Reaching L20 with it and it would become your newest most powerful dino, which could break your roster more.

If you have Trike unlocked or at L40, you can make Stegoceratops and get her to L20.

If you have Tropeognathus unlocked or at L40 you can make Tropeogopterous and get her to L21.

Just keep finding hybrids you can make, and then use the Dino Data Spreadsheet data to see what level you can get them to without breaking your top roster.


Even if you can’t get into dom, you should still do them. At your level the Pred rewards are still very valuable. Don’t sit them out just because you don’t think you can get into Dom. How would you know when you could reach Dom?

Stockpiling DNA:

At your level, it’s rather pointless. That DNA could easily be invested into getting more Legendaries to L30, or better yet creating an army of Hybrids.

Stockpiling DNA is only worth it when you need to save up really high amounts of DNA for Tourney Hybrids, but that is something that should happen at a late game level.