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Need advise for team improvement

Hi all,

Currently I have the following team.
Almost unlocked Thor but need some advise on which dino’s to spend my energy and time to unlock.

Thank you in advance for the advise!

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Consider working on rixis and replacing it with tyranolophosaurus. Thylacotator doesn’t do it wrong

both of those guys are really good. help me in avairy a lot

indoraptor is always useful early on, go for it.

Here’s my team for inspiration

i would keep your team as it is, but would stop going for stegodeus as it has no hybrid unlike any of the others besides phoru. maybe replace ardonto with thyla which is really good, especially since you can upgrade it. go for pyri as well since you 100% get like 5 fuses at least

By Pyri you mean Pyroraptor?

Just decided to reinstall this game after a long hiatus. What changes should I make with this team?

If you want to start getting mortem don’t make pyritator just level up and boost Irritators hp also I would recommend shooting for mono as it’s very powerful and making indom g2 and indoraptor g2 will help u a lot don’t make indoraptor g1 however

Ok so contrary to what they are saying don’t go for pyrri if you want level 26 apexes like mortem and hadros instead level up Irritator and boost it’s hp I would recommend getting both indom g2 and indo g2 but don’t get Indo g1 your team is looking pretty good rn as far as battles keep on leveling that mono and phoru here’s my team btw so u can see I at least sorta know what I’m talking about mortem will be added soon 225/300 rn

indo gen one is actually good tho. why do people overlook it so much

alright, so go for monolometridon, indo gen 2, and when u get indo gen 1, replace indo gen 2. another one to get is allosinosaurus or utahsinoraptor. both are good. dont listen to people that say indo is useless, because its not. its actually a great creature to start with! Gets rid of monolometridons easily if fast enough. once you get nodopatosaurus to 15, go for stegodeus and replace amargo with it. once you get indom, replace trex with that. and when u get indo gen 2 replace raptor. replace postimetridon with monolometridon later and that should bump you up to at least to jurassic ruins or lockwood estate.

also, GET PHORUSAURA. its so good.

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Back in the St Patty’s day 5 unique darting I shoot Indo it was good at the beginning but I seriously regret getting it so much it eats up your rex so bad and is not good late game and it’s not good for mortem or hadros raids

I still use it frequently, but ok…

Well yeah and you can use it up to like mid avairy but later on high aviary thru library and beyond it falls behind the other uniques you would have then like tenrex or tryko or max or quetz

Yeah, I can imagine that, but I don’t think I’m gonna get tryko for another year. I have no kentro dna

Wow @Qiew is really typing up a storm down there

your team is pretty solid right now. i’d replace stegodeus with thylacotator or sarcorixis when you can as they are more useful.
things to lv up on the back burner for now would be:

Irritator- lv 15 at least for Lux raids. lv 23 to be used unboosted in mortem raids.
Inostherium- lv 23 to be used unboosted in ceramagnus raids
paramoloch - getting its hybrid will open up a lot of doors for raids. tuoramoloch is one of the best raid support dinos. and paramolch is a great early raid healer as well.
Keratoporcus- at lv 20 it can be used in some Lux raids unboosted
Tryostronix- most people’s choice of team buffer in raids if they don’t want to over level their irritator.

no need to lv up the above at once. i’d pick 1 or 2 to level up with the rest of your team tho.