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Need advise for team improvement

imma use these tips too lol. i actually leveled inosth for raids to 15, but didnt know it was good in lux

Both indos are bad currently. They may work fine at lower arenas, but they’re not something you want to invest into

Hang on a sec… for an Apex raid, Irritator is preferable to Tryostronix, and they only use Irritator for its team buff? Did I read that right?

irritator has dual 50% attack buffs compared to Tryo’s 1. Tryo can deal more damage, but irrtator can bring down the total number of boosts needed for the whole team by a lot.

And level 15 will suffice for Lux raids, 23 for Mortem? Fascinating!

For which legendary or unique should I go?
I am thinking of Tuoramoloch, Tryostronix, Diloranosaurus, Mammotherium, Rajakylosaurus, Tenontorex? Or do you have an other suggestion?

Ya looking for a raid creature or a pvp beast?

Prefer both, but first I think a raid Dino.


Touramoloch if you boost it a lot can be a great raid creature and ok in pvp would need 4200 hp for mortem and probably around 1600 atk on the other hand tenontorex is an amazing pvp dino especially with some speed boosts that can work in raids I’ve beaten mortem and hadros with one. However both of these need some boosts the best budget option is to get a good alliance and use Indo g2 it can kill some chompers and can beat stuff like mortem rex raids

tryo with decent boosts can do well in pvp and is one of the most usefull raid creatures

I agree indo gen 1 is actually not half bad

But why is indo gen2 better than gen1? Gen 1 is the unique one.

Indo g1 and g2 are like polar opposites Indo G2 is good for raids and is ok in PvP (the reason why people think that Indo G2 is better than Indo g1 is because of it’s strike move cautious strike which is pretty good it increases your speed by 10% for 1 turn you also get a 75% chance to dodge 66.7% of all incoming damage for the next turn and is a precise move which means it goes through cloak and dodge moves and it reduces your opponents attack by half as well and other things such as mutual furry which cleanses all negative effects, increases your attack by half and increases your speed by 10%, which is also pretty good but the draw back is that it also increases your opponents attack as well. those are some reasons why people think Indo G2 is better than Indo g1). And Indo g1 is good in PvP and is ok in raids. All in all they are both good in there own rights.

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before 2.0 indo g2 was better than g1 by a great deal. now, i’d say they’re more or less on equal footing.

Yeah I agree with you there

Is it worth to invest in them?

I’d say yes to both but in my opinion I’d go for Indoraptor first and then go for Indoraptor G2 but that’s what I would do. I say you should do what you think is better I’d suggest Indoraptor but that’s just me.

Indoraptor I would say no but Indo g2 yes because it is around equal in battle strength and can be very good for raids Indo g1 is the worst unique bad at battles bad at raids and it uses very valuable trex dna. If you insist on both get Indo g2 first so you can start farming mortem dna

And what about Erlidominus?