Need alliance to help with raids

Hey guys looking for a alliance that can help me play all the raids. Please let me know who can help me thanks

Why this is linked with


Hey what’s you team like? Do you use discord to arrange raids?

My team currently has 5 Uniques. Our alliance has a Discord server to manage…

i guess if i can see your team i think i can get you to gg2 is that fine fury? or if hes 4000 trophies ill leave it to you to choose whether he can get in gg1

I no longer manage GG2, that’s left to their leader now. As for GG, you could consult with @MINMI.

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meh ever since gg2 fell to the floor im still in tho im a manger now like a ton of low levels are in now the people who have been in since you left are me Boss as i now call him and AlphaTitan

Please contact me with your game info (player level, trophy count)!!!
I am the leader of TheBloodyDinos, and we have few spots available on our team. We are very active and use discord (required). We require all members to be Touranment qualified (on one exception is a members son who had to start game over bc he had phone issues). We have strategies for all Raids (yes even Apex ones). We do Raids many many times throughout the day and make sure that everyone gets the Raids done that they need or want.
If you are interested or have questions you can contact me on discord. My info holly#8902
Look forward to hearing from you.