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Need alliance

ISO an alliance that needs a moderate to good player. I fill my dalies, play tournament, and dart anything that moves. My only requirement… no drama. 5000 medals usual.


We are looking, sounds like you meet our requirements, are you level 13? If so DinoKillaz is our alliance, would be happy to have you🙂

I am lvl 20.

I am an officer in my current alliance but have a real aversion to drama.

please send pink

Link duh…

DinoKillaz is our alliance name, I don’t have a option for a link, I can invite you by player name & # number or if you search alliance name DinoKillaz
I agree on the drama as well👍🏼

Hello, Dino Tyme world ia loooking for an active member. We are a very active alliance with friendly people and no drama. We have 2lvl 20 sanctuary, 10/8 in alliance mission, and pretty good in Championship. Reply this message of you are interested. We use FB messenger for communication