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Need an advise

Hey guys since i done with my Indomonius Rex and shes fully max level i need an advise which type of Dino i should work on now? Sea Dinos
Rare Dinos
Super Rare Dinos
Legendary Dinos
Fuies Dinos to create hybird Dinos
Thanks for help :wink:

Try to build a balanced team in each of the 3 groupings.
Most battles occur on land/Jurassic, so I’d say focus there before the Cenozoic and aquatic.
Don’t level up too quickly, wait for the others to build up, together.


One of the strengths of this game is that you can pretty much set your own goals. Level up what you want to level up. Whatever you want. If you want to level up dinos that look cool, do it. If you want to level up battle dinos, do it. It’s your game. Play it how you want.

I was working on the Indominus and Indoraptor until I hit the PvE dilemma so many of us have complained about. So now I’m working on leveling up all my dinos to level 40 in the order of DNA cost. Yeah, it’ll take a long time, and no, I’m not getting great battle dinos, but I’m enjoying myself (I’m not winning PvE anyway due to the difficult matchups).

So level up what you want to level up.


Obviously, to each his or her own. But I do think it’s valuable to warn would-be level-uppers of the repercussions of leveling up too quickly, i.e., tougher opponents, even ridiculous ones. E.g., if one jumps to, say, an indoraptor while the rest of the flock are relatively wimpy, then come battle time, frustrations tend to mount.

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@Carnage_Akemi attache pictures of your top two strings of creatures in each of the areas, Land, Ceno, and Aquatic the forum might be able to give you some pointers…

For instance here is my top two runs of my land dinosaurs:

If you notice I am heavy Carnivore with my top three Dinosaurs being Indoraptors and to boot my top one is a level 20 and outclasses all my other land Dinosaurs by a decent amount which plays havoc on my pack match ups on a daily basis. I am also very light in the Herbivore category with only one in my top two sets. I am currently working on getting Gorgosuchus parts together (just fusing all of my Gorgosaurus’ together) that way I can get another heavy hitting Amphibian and unlock it as my last Amphibian. At the same time I am hatching Segnosaurus to build Segnosuchus, however I do not have enough Segnosaurus, I am one short, but I want to get them ready for when I happen to get another one so that I can create that Hybrid as quickly as possible which will help balance my team out. During this whole time I will be building more Indoraptors but I will not be fusing them until I can get my Pterosaurs, Herbivores, and Amphibians up above the level ten Indoraptors. Hopefully this will help balance out my pack match ups.

so with the battles is there a way to take moves back once I have selected them? I have pretty good mechanics as far as my teams go, but find myself second guessing my battle choices at times.

@Hawk Yes and no, in a “PvP” battle there is no way to take back a move, once clicked you are locked in. In the PvE (battle for packs and other daily items) you can exit out of the game and then go back in, on reload the app will ask you if you want to continue your battle select continue. When you get back to your match up your action selection will be cleared and you can re-select your action point distribution.

thank you so much sionsith, that is exactly what i was looking for. need to beef up my teams before i hit the pvp

As mentioned depth beats high end. When I started I had nothing for aquatic for a long time. A few tournaments here and there that I didnt win. My aquatic stable was so bad I used my loyalty points on aquatic several times in a row. I now had a few very stong aquatic creatures…problem is all my PVE battles were now skewed towards the high end creatures I just got.

I would have been far better of slowly building my aquatic stable and keeping everything close in level/power.

Same goes for the tournaments…you are far better off having a lot of moderately strong dinos then a few high end very strong, and a bunch of meh dinos.

The ostaposaurus is a good non-VIP amphi, as is unayrhyncus for herbs.
For VIPs, my prestosuchus, mastadonsaurus and eudimophordon are at 40 to balance up (somewhat) with the indoraptor (which I shouldn’t have upped to 20, but that’s spilt milk now).
The monostegotops is a great herb that I like a lot, with great health and attack combo.
I’ve gone straight for the random 10,000 JW points pack every single time I accumulate enough, and it’s worked great building a decent battle squad in all arenas and categories while waiting and waiting and waiting on the long long long road to hybrids.

Agreed, now that I have gotten to the 100k VIP mark every time I get to 110k I purchase one of the 10k VIP packs. I just leveled my gorgusuchus to level 20, and it is now in slot 7 or 8 now, leveling it to level 30 would put it right next to the indoraptor.