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Need an alliance for the fam


We had our own 4 person alliance so we could all talk to each other, but now with the new alliance rewards I think it’s time we join a real alliance. We have been playing since November. Girlfriend and I are pretty active. I just hit Aviary. Anybody got room for us?


After waiting a month, I was able to add my husband to my alliance just today. I did notice there were several teams with open slots available. Good luck!


Hallo frag mal bei JurassicKindom germany nach
Sind noch im Aufbau und brauchen Leute die nicht nur fragen sondern auch geben


Search the alliance JurJurJurassicBinks. We have enough space for new members :slight_smile:
Some of our members are german People so forgive us our unprofessional english skills :joy:


I started a new alliance yesterday so it’s just me right now, but I’m actively trying to recruit people. No trophy requirements right now. Alliance is HATE CREW if you’re interested.


Hey there! We’ve got a very active, and friendly alliance going y’all are more than welcome to join. Search StygiShield if you’re interested! We do communicate through discord if you have that as we dislike all the filters in the alliance chat. Let me know your in-game names so I can get ya added!


We got room. We just started are alliance, it is Revenge Is Ours. We are always looking for players. I am Hitman49 number 6134 and we also have discord.


Alliance Wegonehuntin1213 . Ranking up on alliance missions and would love team growth!